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Great guitarists come in all shapes and sizes and styles.

For Bluegrass there’s Tony Rice of the Tony Rice Unit.

Here he is with some others

showing off their stuff!


In honor of the lunar new year, aka Chinese New Year here are four of my favorite You Tube clips about Asian culture.

These two are about merging American Bluegrass and traditional Chinese instruments resulting in what they call REDGRASS!!!

Last but not least we can’t forget Korea.  Where they are all about drumming .  . . . Sometimes for days on end


Sunday night comedian Steve Martin won a Grammy for an album that had nothing to do with comedy. Believe or not he won the Grammy for Best Bluegrass Album of the year for his album, “The Crow: New Songs For The Five-String Banjo. “

And just to prove this is for real here’s a video with Steve Martin playing with some other bluegrass musicians.

It’s really good!



It’s time once again to venture over the International Date Line via The World Wide Web to the land of A-Pop.

First up from Taiwan is a classic from Cyndi Wang.  She had loads of teenage fans long before Hannah Montana.

Meanwhile last year “Girls (were) poppin’ in the k-pop music world! This new mashup (by MMixes from You Tube) features 10 hits …

Last but not least is another dose of J-pop.

When I-Tunes knew I liked Polysics one of the artists they recommended was a singer named Yuka Funakoshi

The trouble is if I watch these videos too much I turn into one of those silly anime characters with hearts in my eyes.

Then my daughter has to come over and crack me one up side the head.

“Wow Yuka!”



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Air guitar
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Here are three songs by my favorite Christian Rock group Resurrection Band aka Rez Band aka “REZ

First is “Autograph” from their third album “Colors.” (1980) This is the best air guitar song you never heard of.

Next is the title track from “Colors.”  Allot of people who don’t like REZ say they like this song.

And last but not least is a song from their second album, “Rainbow’s End.”  After spending most of this album trying to sound like Ozzy, Rez Band ends with an amazing power ballad.  The song is called “Every Time it Rains.”  This explains why the song starts out with a thunderclap.

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Taken at Gulfstream Park, Hallandale, Florida ...
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Here’s the rippingest smokinest fanny kickin rocker evah!

It’s The Edgar Winter Group



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Bluegrass artists use a variety of stringed in...
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Show of hands!

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re with a group of people who start making fun of a style of music you enjoy?

Who is willing to admit they like a style of music others might odd,exotic, strange or downright corny.

To all those people,

I say


Enjoy what you like.

Besides a little variety can be a good thing.

If (like the song goes) everyone has a hillbilly bone in them here’s two ways to nurture yours.

We have representing traditional bluegrass,

Bob and Rose with Ruben’s Train

And for the more eclectic brand of bluegrass (aka NEWgrass) here’s

New Grass Revival from an 80’s TV show with the smokin instrumental

Metric Lips


Make sure you click on the great comment above!


Yeeee haw!   😉

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Here’s Grand Funk Railroad (of “We’re an American Band” fame) hopin’ you all have a foot stompin good 2010!

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Got your tree all decorated?

What about the outside?

Is your Christmas shopping all finished?

Here’s a song from Alvin and company to help keep us in the right mood for the last minute.

I owned the album this was from.  Back when I was a kid I had to wait a couple minutes before I could play anything until the tubes warmed up.  Explain that concept to children today.  (good luck!)

But check out the awesome Reel to Reel recorder.  Now that’s old school right there folks!

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The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree in New Y...
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With everyone in retail land setting up for Christmas around Veteran’s Day I refuse to start decorating until we’re well into December.

So here’s a holiday tune hopin’ you don’t have “A Blue Christmas.”

Thank you

Thank You very much!

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